From General Manager


Some basic building blocks are needed for the establishment of entrepreneurial eco-systems. The most basic element of this is to say that you have an idea. We have been in need for a new perspective in our country for a long time independent from all kinds of obstacles to the formation of this basic structure, that will pave the way for entrepreneurs and enhance their imagination skills. A new culture corresponding to these needs has begun to spread in a pleasing manner in our country.

The world has witnessed significant technological breakthroughs especially from 1850s to today. First, railways were developed by means of water steam that has provided easy move and logistics services for people. Then electricity was discovered; intended uses of energy and the number of users of energy has been increased and afterwards, internet age has provided an incredible developmental momentum for humanity. The process starting with water steam has come to the Fourth Revolution where the internet of things and management of factories are directed by machines and software and the commercialized product has a value merely, and the entrepreneurships which have ability to use the Big Data in the best way has carried us to a period targeting Industry 4.0.

All economies have evolved into a new field of competition where competition conditions are challenging, value added products are of great importance, and countries that can best manage time feel their dominance. These new eco-systems have strengthened the businesses which combined information and capital with the most rational and technological methods adapted to today's needs, and these new eco-systems have carried these geographies in which these businesses operate to the most comfortable points in terms of prosperity.

In microeconomic principles; it is extremely important that how much effective input is provided in a unit motion. We should certainly not overlook the fact that a high value-added eco-system requires to be included between these mechanisms when we are aiming to be able to meet more individuals and even objects with high speed and high quality with 4G, 5G technologies.

It is necessary to manufacture our own technology for permanent entry into the category of developed countries. Accordingly, we will make our companies more durable to meet the requirements of these technologies, and we will admit all our production standards to the world. On the other hand, as a country, we need to increase the number of conscious individuals and entrepreneurs who produce as much as they consume. All of these effective mechanisms can be formed more rapidly with the creation of strong brands.

The world will not accept countries that are classified under the heading of developing countries in the very near future, and will distinguish between two classes of economic and sociological development; only developed and undeveloped countries.

Here, we, as Istanbul Technocity, are able to strengthen the link between information and capital for entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and projects in a commercializable nature; or able to provide the environment suitable for making software, and we are trying to enrich our eco-system with our stakeholders.

Istanbul Technocity was established with the aim of being an interface to meet information and capital which can contribute to the formation of development infrastructure and has been maintaining its activities in this framework.  

The most important thing we consider is to make sure that anyone with an idea is able to access and share it with us in the easiest way without forgetting.

Let's not forget that the spirit of entrepreneurship lies on the basis of any idea that comes to mind and this idea is surely a matter that an entrepreneur feels anxiety and lack. Therefore, the idea deserves paying attention. Those who found electricity, invented the phone, and other inventors had same sensitivities like these people -even though these deficits were not noticed by other members of the society- and felt the lack of these inventions, thus successful products have emerged. We have to keep our country in this dynamic habitat where our country can contribute to production, and reason and science are valued.

In this context; in the direction of 2023 aims of our country, with a dynamic team, we had announced 2016 as the year of acceleration. We have reaped the fruits of this in 2017 in the success index of technology components, which is based on fundamental components such as employment, research and development abilities, research and development outputs and export capabilities. We have moved our Technology development zone from 28th place in 55 Technology Development Zone, to 9th place by 2017 and also won important awards from public and private sector. We are preserving our intention of increasing these successes, which have been a result of our short, medium and long term strategy plans, in 2018. In this direction we have announced 2018 as the year of "Increasing the ability and capacities of exportation" for the entrepreneurs within our constitution. We, as the İstanbul University Teknokent family, will continue to enrich our ecosystem and raise it up to an internationally competitive position. In this direction we will continue to support the entrepreneurs in our constitution to become brands which can compete worldwide. Furthermore, we call for all the entrepreneurs who hasn't met our science park yet to join us, if their enterprise includes a technologic and innovative content. Hope to see you with your innovative ideas.

Stay healthy and happy. .


General manager