In order to commercialize the results of their academic studies, academicians can establish a company in Istanbul Technocity, be a partner to an established company, take part in the management of an established company or consult on projects. Revenues obtained in the Istanbul University Technology Development Zone by the academic members are excluded from the university revolving fund.


When the Istanbul University academic staff set up a company (at least 49% of the company's shares should belong to the lecturer and stay for the duration of the lease) in the Technology Development Zone under the management of Istanbul Technocity Co. Inc., for the first 5m2 of the rented office for the first 2 years, 1 TL/m2 rental price is received and the remaining office space discounted by 50% over the rental price.

In order to commercialize the results of their academic studies in the Technology Development Zone, Istanbul University faculty members are exempted one time from the referee fee for the evaluation of the first project application they made.

20% rent discount is provided to the companies established by the Teaching Staff of the universities outside Istanbul University (at least 49% of these companies shares belong to the instructor and remain for the duration of the lease). (This is a decision taken by the Istanbul Technocity Board Meeting dated 07.04.2013).