Istanbul Technocity moves in line with the goals and objectives set by the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the Technology Development Zones by considering the constantly evolving national needs and priorities.

The main objective is to provide environment and support for companies to be active in R & D activities in innovative and high technology fields. In other words, it aims to produce technological information in order to establish a competitive and export oriented structure of the country's industry by providing cooperation with universities, research institutions & organizations and production sectors.

Improving innovation in product and production methods, increasing productivity and product quality, reducing production costs, commercializing technological knowledge,  supporting technology intensive production and entrepreneurship, adapting small and medium sized enterprises to new and advanced technologies, creating investment and job opportunities, and providing technological infrastructure, accelerating the entry of foreign capital to the country that will provide high technology are among other goals of our technocity.

Entertech creates a domain that serves as a bridge between all stakeholders, enabling transformation of information into socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental benefits in line with the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

In doing so, it contributes to the fulfillment of the strategic plan in order to achieve the highest quality and level in the global sense that Istanbul University deserves in line with the decisions of the Supreme Board of Science and Technology(BTYK).


Our View

  • Transformation of research results to economic value.
  • Marketing of innovative high-tech products abroad and attracting foreign capital to our country in this area.

Our Values

  • To support the increase and development of number of companies using or producing advanced technology,

  • To bring together national and international companies working in the field of advanced technology to establish mechanisms creating synergies between themselves and the universities,

  • To ensure that academic knowledge and research results in universities are transformed into economic values,

  • To increase economic and technological level of the country and thus to contribute to the increase of international competitive capacity of the country,

  • To encourage establishment of new innovative companies with high value-added for advanced technology and exports and with the potential to produce high-tech products, and the growth of existing small businesses,

Our Goals

  • To contribute to Turkey's R&D potential and technology production capability,
  • To be one of the elements of sustainable development for Turkey,
  • To encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • To contribute to the direction of technology production and accumulation of Turkey with sector priorities,
  • To create a suitable environment for technology transfer,
  • To support the production of high technology products and services for world markets,
  • To make the industry-university cooperation effective and continuous,
  • To contribute to the transformation of university research infrastructure and knowledge into economic value,
  • To create employment in the country for qualified workforce,
  • Establishment of zones that will make high technology investments, accelerate the entry of foreign capital into the country,


Technocity; is an organized research and business centre where academic, economic and social structure is integrated. Universities, research institutes and industrial establishments are engaged in research, development and innovation studies in the same environment; they create value-added products, transfer knowledge and technology among each other.