Istanbul University is Turkey's first university with 561-year history that is one of the top ten universities established in Europe, orients the society in culture and art with health, social, life, and engineering sciences.

It is the largest and most established university in Turkey with 22 faculties, 17 institutes, 3 colleges, 1 conservatory, 7 vocational colleges and 3 departments and 767 diploma programs. The university, with 5,178 faculty members and assistants, 132,184 students and almost 18,000 graduates each year, has a unique educational and teaching potential. For the last eight years, Istanbul University – as the only Turkish university- is in the list of top 500 universities of the world (ARWU rank), has also successfully represented our country in many other international rankings: It is listed 156th in medicine in the world in the URAP rankings, 106th in the Webometrics 2015 Yearbook ranking, and among “The Top 1000 Universities in the World" according to the ranking of “The Center for World University Rankings”.


Istanbul University has 287 research laboratories, 41 application and research centers, and provides methodological and systematic transformation of information into socioeconomic, cultural and environmental benefits in accordance with the needs of internal and external stakeholders. 

Research and Technology Development Infrastructure

It aims to provide quality, efficient and financially sustainable services in order to transform the activities of experiment, analysis, R & D and production development into useful project activities. It also organizes the principles and procedures related to the monitoring and supervision of the determination, classification, procurement of the necessary needs of the university.

Istanbul University Information System for Research Laboratories

This information system provides easy access to the fields of research, projects and competence of the academicians who carry out their studies in these laboratories. It enables the internal and external stakeholders to establish joint project proposals on similar issues or multidisciplinary work areas. You can access to the equipment, tools, hardware etc. of the laboratories via the portal at https://arlab.istanbul.edu.tr/arlab/front/.


Istanbul Technocity Incubation Center aims to create model mechanisms by nurturing entrepreneurial activities that reveal high value-added R & D and innovation activities and to contribute to the country's economy with commercialized products by successfully completing this process.

Incubator firms consist of entrepreneurs whose business idea is supported primarily by the grant programs provided by public institutions and organizations, who have successfully completed the pre-incubation program and who have received business idea approval from the Istanbul Technocity Project Evaluation Committee.

Entrepreneurial companies that are entitled to be in the Incubator Center can benefit from consulting and mentoring services in technical and administrative matters, as well as the opportunities of being exempted from the costs of corporation, commercialization, internationalization, free office support.

The pre-incubation program of the Inventist enables the entrepreneurs who want to establish their own business to show their personal characteristics, acquire necessary knowledge and skills, and acquire these competencies practically.

Entrepreneurs with the business idea applications and as part of a special program included in the Inventist can join education and mentoring process, meet with investors, and apply to national or international entrepreneurship programs.