Istanbul University Technology Transfer Office was established in Avcılar Campus in 2013 and it was found worthy of being supported in 5 basic modules of the 1513 Technology Transfer Offices Support Program by TUBITAK. Istanbul TTO provide services;

  • Awareness, Promotion, Information and Training Activities
  • Support Programs Activities
  • University-Industry Cooperation Activities
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

Main Targets of Istanbul TTO

  • Increasing the number of applications and the acceptance rates of applicants to national and international R&D programs,
  • Increasing in projects under university-industry collaboration,
  • Dissemination of entrepreneurship and innovation activities among university teaching staff and students,
  • Increasing in national and international patent application, patent document and licensed patent number,
  • Increasing the number of firms established by academics and students in Istanbul Technocity Co. Inc. as the founding partner of Istanbul University.

Awareness, Promotion, Information and Training Activities

  • Increasing the national and international recognition of the Istanbul Technology Transfer Office.
  • Ensuring that academics and students receive project preparation, entrepreneurship, and patent training.
  • Organizing seminars on technology transfer activities within the University and in industrial establishments.
  • Conveying all of our stakeholders through and social media activities.
  • Carrying out studies and visits towards academicians, students and industrialists.

Support Programs Activities

  • Announcing R&D project calls and funding opportunities to faculty members,
  • Supporting academicians and students in project writing,
  • Performing pre-evaluation of project proposals before submission to the relevant institution,
  • Carrying out financial processes (purchasing, tender, etc.),
  • Follow-up of projects that require ethics committee approval,
  • Establishing and updating the database of project applications.

University-Industry Cooperation Activities

  • Develop R&D cooperation between universities, industry and service sectors, to organize publicity meetings, to lay the groundwork for formation of commercial and consultancy projects,
  • Direct firms to relevant academicians according to their area of expertise in the R & D projects,
  • Evaluate activities carried out up to now in the primary areas determined by the Supreme Council for Science and Technology (BTYK), and determine the interests of academicians and turn these activities into productive collaborations.
  • Identify the problems faced by industry and service sectors, to categorize them according to academic interests, and to determine necessary resources for solution.
  • Prepare inventories of the laboratories in Istanbul University and presenting them to the public for R&D projects.
  • Make sectoral project analyses periodically thus encourage to produce common projects in the universities, industry and service sectors by determining the areas open to development.
  • Promote examples of successful university-industry-service collaborations and encourage them to take part in similar projects in the industrial and service sectors, help to lead or lead to the establishment of cooperative culture dissemination and similar structures.