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Programs for Entrepreneurs

At Entertech Incubation, special programs are carried out for entrepreneurs at every stage. The entrepreneur is included in the most appropriate program, taking into account their progress and needs. Entrepreneurs within Entertech Incubation accelerate their development with many programs and have the chance to reach their goals in a shorter time. You can find detailed information about the programs below.

What is Pre-Incubation?

The aim of the program is to prepare and support new entrepreneurs for their start-up journey. Together we overcome the challenges and uncertainties of building a start-up. Entertech Pre-Incubation is specifically designed to provide you with the necessary resources, mentorship and guidance to develop your business idea on a solid foundation.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a time-limited and award-winning event, usually centered around a specific problem or theme to develop innovative solutions and innovative products. Entertech Hackathons invite you to think outside the box, generate cutting-edge ideas and develop concrete solutions. With Hackathons, learn deeply about real-world problems and gain experience in solving them.


BIGGist is an entrepreneurship program that enables you to access TÜBİTAK investment support in the incorporation journey of your business idea. Entrepreneur candidates accepted to the program undergo a comprehensive training and mentoring process and are included in the TÜBİTAK evaluation panel. Entrepreneurs who are successful in the panel are given the opportunity to become a company with TÜBİTAK investment support.

What is BIGGinvest?

It is a Demoday event that brings together investors and the early-stage startups that have successfully completed the training and mentorship processes by participating in our BIGGIST or Entertech Pre-Incubation programs.

* BİGGinvest 1

* BİGGinvest 2


Mentortech is more than a mentoring program, it is your compass in your entrepreneurship ecosystem. Mentortech is the name of the mentor network created for Entertech companies. Within the scope of the TÜBİTAK BIGG+ program carried out under Mentortech, 50 SMEs will be provided with 1500 hours of free mentoring services to increase their R&D and marketing competence.

What is TECHIP?

TechIP is an umbrella program designed to increase industrial property awareness in the Entertech ecosystem, to enable our companies to protect their innovative technologies with patents and to create commercial instruments from these patents.

* TechIP Patent Contest

* TechIP Patent Portfolio

* TechIP Patent Reports


Gamenter is a game cluster within Entertech. It is a gaming ecosystem where game startups thrive on diversity and grow together. Gamenter is a dynamic platform where game entrepreneurs flourish in diversity, nurture their ideas and collectively shape the future of the global gaming ecosystem.

* Gamenter Game Cluster

* Gamenter Pre-Incubation

* Gamenter Chat


Are you a visionary entrepreneur with global ambitions? Do you dream of taking your startup to international markets?

    Entertech Overseas Accelerators;
  • Facilitates the expansion of your startup to international markets.
  • Provides access to international funds and investments.
  • Connects you with mentor, customer and investor networks abroad.
  • Provides you with information about international markets, global entrepreneurship ecosystem and investment environment.

What is SUPTECH?

As Entertech, we support our high potential entrepreneurs within the scope of Suptech, enabling them to reach their goals faster. Entertech puts on an investor hat in this program. A needs analysis is conducted for each initiative accepted to the program and in-kind support is provided for the identified needs.