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Entertech Istanbul Technopark Brings Turkish Gaming Industry to the Global Platform with Gamenter International Accelerator Program!

Press release | November 1, 2023

Entertech Istanbul Technopark, partnered by Turkey's most important research universities Istanbul University and Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, continues its activities with the aim of taking Turkish entrepreneurs to the global arena. Within the scope of Gamenter, the gaming cluster opened in July 2023 under the roof of Entertech, 6 important game studios from all corners of Turkey are opening to Europe with the Gamenter International Accelerator Program organized with the support of KOSGEB. As part of the program, Turkish game studios will be given access to investors, publishers and customers all over Europe for 5 weeks, with Cologne, Germany as the center.

Dr. Muhammed Kasapoğlu, CEO of Entertech, stated that the Gamenter gaming cluster is a platform that brings together all stakeholders in the industry by creating networks that provide the necessary infrastructure and encourage collaboration to make Turkey a leading player in the global gaming industry. Drawing attention to the importance of the International Accelerator Programs carried out in Gamenter, Kasapoğlu emphasized that these programs are very important in attracting foreign investors to our country.

In the Gamenter International Accelerator Program, which is carried out in cooperation with Spielfabrique, one of Europe's leading gaming ecosystem providers, Turkish game studios are provided with comprehensive training, mentorship and consultancy and the opportunity to participate in business networking events.

Turkish game studios participating in the program:

Tiplay Studio: Denizli-based Tiplay, with its vision to create a globally sustainable gaming ecosystem and founders with industry experience, has reached an impressive 20 Million downloads in its first year.

Umuro Game: Based in Çanakkale, Umuro Game has the capacity to publish games of all genres, especially games based on characters from Turkish and European history, and its games have reached more than 22 Million unique users.

NoExit Games: Ankara-based NoExit Games is an innovative mobile game studio that puts artificial intelligence at the center of game mechanics and aims to touch people's hearts and make their days better with its games.

Negentra: Based in Eskisehir, Negentra is an end-to-end studio specializing in highly interactive and competitive games using VR, blockchain and AI technologies.

Core Game: Based in Istanbul, Core Game is a dedicated game studio that develops innovative mobile games based on data, user experience and industry trends, backed by a strong team.

Compactive: Based in Istanbul, Compactive develops mobile games and game technologies with an emphasis on artistic detail with a mission to turn imagination into reality.

From October 30 to December 3, the program started with orientation trainings at the ESL office in Cologne, Germany. In addition to trainings such as in-game advertising, in-game growth strategies, entrepreneurship, incorporation and investment environment in Europe, business networks were expanded by visiting Cambridge Innovation Center (CiC) in Rotterdam, Netherlands on Friday, November 3. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit industry giants such as Ubisoft and EA Games. In addition, the Turkish gaming ecosystem will be showcased at various events such as Game Zone Dortmund, NRW Games Developer Meet Up and Deutsche Entwickler Preis. The program will be crowned with the Demoday event scheduled for December 7, 2023, where Turkish game studios will present their creations to European investors, publishers and customers.

Gamenter continues to grow with qualified diversity in light of its vision to carry the Turkish gaming ecosystem into the future and make Turkey a dynamic hub in the global gaming arena.