Entertech offers advantages to the students to create employment for  qualified workforce in the country and brings together industrialists, academicians, Technocity firms and entrepreneurs on a common platform.


University students and graduates can work as intern, part time or full time at firms operating in Istanbul Technocity. In this respect, even if teaching life is still going on, they will have the opportunity to experience in related sector.

They can find the opportunity to improve themselves and recognize  sector with the activities such as trainings, conferences and seminars organized by Istanbul Technocity. They can do their dissertations and homeworks in cooperation with the firms operating in Istanbul Technocity. Thus, the work carried out theoretically can transform into the products that can create technological value in the country.


Entrepreneur Candidates

In addition, university students and graduates can be entrepreneurs in the Technocity ecosystem and benefit from the opportunities that entrepreneurs enjoy.


The pre-incubation program provides entrepreneurs who want to establish their own business to show their personal characteristics, acquire necessary knowledge and skills, and  these competencies in practice.

Entrepreneurs with business idea applications as part of a special program of Inventist have opportunity to apply for the training and mentoring process, and national or international entrepreneurship programs and meeting of investors.